ISO TS 16949:2009 for Automotive Organization

QS 9000 is the Automotive Standard developed and controlled by the Big 3 in America (Chrysler, Daimler and Ford) QS 9000 adopted ISO 9001: 1994 and improved upon it by adding additional requirements.
ISO 9001:1994, on which QS-9000 is based, became obsolete on 15th December 2003.
However, the QS-9000 Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force (SQRTF) have been granted an extension of 3 years by ISO to continue to use ISO 9001:1994 in conjunction with QS-9000, and so QS-9000 will be valid until 14th December 2006.
Formal communications by the Big 3 regarding their particular requirements within this time scale were issued in August 2002.
If a client holds a certificate with a split scope (ie. part QS-9000, part ISO 9000), the element relating to QS-9000 will be reissued with new wording and be valid until December 2006.
The element relating to ISO 9000 will require upgrading to ISO 9001:2000 - this would result in the issue of separate certificates.
New certificates for QS-9000 can continue to be issued throughout the extended period, but must be transferred over to ISO/TS 16949 by 14th December 2006.

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